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Vote in the November 2019 election to bring Charitable Bingo to Uvalde County


You may have heard, Herby Ham Activity Center is hoping to bring Charitable BINGO to Uvalde Countyr.  The proceeds will go  to support and expand the efforts of HHAC..  Some have questions as to why it has taken longer than planned to get it started. 

To explain, In the beginning, and unbeknownst to HHAC’s Board, Charitable BINGO is presently NOT “legal” in Uvalde County as it is in the City of Uvalde.  HHAC is just outside the Uvalde City Limits meaning we do not fall under the Texas Lottery Commission’s regulation for legal Charitable BINGO.

So how does Charitable BINGO become legal in county?  A public vote!.  The County Commissioners were approached by our Director asking them to put the legalization  of Charitable BINGO on the ballot for the November, 2019 election.  Beginning October 21, 2019 during early voting, or on election day, Tuesday, November 5th, you will have the opportunity to help us bring BINGO to Uvalde County and HHAC.

Extensive research has been done into how it would benefit HHAC and the citizens of Uvalde.   In visiting Charitable BINGO in another city, it was noted that the majority of the people were from Uvalde.  In speaking with many, the desire was expressed to have  BINGO available here so they would not have to travel so far.  As mentioned, the proceeds will go to support HHAC but we are making plans to include other non-profits giving them opportunity to work our concession stand.  An announcement will be in the near future concerning this decision. 

Please be sure to vote YES in the November election for Charitable BINGO in Uvalde. If you have questions, please call 830-591-2711.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Charitable Bingo?

 Bingo is The Most Charitable Game in Texas! Since the first licenses were issued in 1982, charitable bingo has had positive benefits for charities, players, and state, county, and municipal governments in Texas. Gross receipts from the conduct of charitable bingo total more than $19 billion, bingo prizes awarded have been in excess of $11 billion, and allocations to local jurisdictions have totaled over $300 million.

Bingo, the oldest form of legalized gambling in Texas, has been approved by voter referendum in all or part of 226 of the state's 254 counties. There are over 1,300 licensed organizations related to conducting charitable bingo in Texas. 

Isn't Charitable Bingo already legal in Uvalde County?

Charitable Bingo was approved in the City of Uvalde by residents in a special election on April 3rd, 1982 but this does not include Uvalde County.   Herby Ham Activity Center is located just outside the Uvalde City limits. In order for HHAC to host Charitible Bingo games, residents in Uvalde County must vote to approve Charitable Bingo for Uvalde County. 

How would Charitable Bingo benefit Uvalde and HHAC?

65 percent of people who attend bingo events in surrounding counties are residents of Uvalde.  Approving Bingo for Uvalde County would bring that revenue back to Uvalde.   A percentage of the funds generated through Charitable Bing would benefit HHAC

How are the proceeds distributed?

The State of Texas gets 5 percent of the funds and splits the percentage with the county. Remaining funds would benefit HHAC, 

How often would HHAC host Charitable Bingo events?

HHAC plans on hosting Charitable Bingo three times a week. 

How can I help? When is the Election?

If you are a Uvalde County resident, make sure you are registered to vote and go vote YES for Charitable Bingo In Uvalde County. Early Voting begins  October 21st, 2019. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019  Also, spread the word to your family and friends about the vote.  

While there have been  many voice support for the Charitable Bingo on social media and in person, enough supporters MUST go vote to approve Charitable Bingo.